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Indian Traffic

Facts about Indian Traffic and roads :

Indian Traffic moves on the left and right driving. On Highways(Expressways ) normally speed limit is 90 KM/H. there is many small highways speed limit is 60 to 80 km/h

Maximum road have tolls so driver have to stop on Toll barrier pay toll and continue. Country side have small farm track, single roads there is no tolls.

Every where on Highways you can see markers in English and there local language but if you are on Single road or country side than it is rarely find any marker. But the good thing is Driver know maximum and if it’s new Driver than Indian people are friendly to help for direction as well.

Now Indian roads are mixture I mean some road very good condition and big highways. some mega highways , and some single road but now every day road condition improving because mostly every where making big and good road. It is very hard to give exact account condition so that’s why some people call chaotic overall Indian road mixture and experience.

In cities around and in side city it is very common traffic Jams and Hard to find Indian road free of traffic.

In cities you can face animals on road normally like- cows,Dogs, Bullocks, Camels, donkey,

And also encounter lots of variety of transport, scooters, motorbike,Horse carts, camel carts, cycle and rickshaw and there is no any other special  track for all above so all are use same road or same track. Some time it is very hard work for driver to drive in city.

Good thing is on Indian road you can find fuel station after 5 km.

Driving at night on Indian road is not easy work because can be any animal or other vehicles or any pedestrians can enter or can be any big stone on road. There is no road lights after 5 to 10 km out of any cities so  Drive at night is not good idea in India and we not allowed to our driver to drive at night but for example like airport transfer, pick up and drop in same city and for dinner or any night program in same city,  

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